Who am I?


Photo Credit: Katie McEvoy

Hi! I’m Jim McEvoy, and I started Time on My Feet because I love running and writing and wanted to combine my two passions. I also enjoy swimming, biking, generally staying fit, and eating well. I hope to inspire others as they begin or continue their own endurance journeys.

As of April 19, 2017, I have run 5 marathons, 2 ultramarathons, and numerous shorter distance road races. I completed the Olympic-distance New York City Triathlon on July 24, 2016. My PRs for various running distances are listed below:

5k: 17:00 (5:29/Mile) (05/07/2016, Dime McCarren 5k)
10k: 37:12 (6:00/Mile) (09/27/2015, Bronx 10-Mile 10k split)
Half Marathon: 1:19:56 (6:06/Mile) (10/16/2016, Catamount Half Marathon)
Marathon: 2:55:56 (6:43/Mile) (4/17/2017, Boston Marathon)


See you on the roads and trails!


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